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Gifted and Talented Children – Advice for Parents

It is not always evident when a child is gifted or talented. What sorts of things should a parent look for?

Children who are gifted or talented are unique and require extra support to nurture their abilities, as well as their social and emotional development.


Each child who is gifted or talented presents differently and has unique needs.


Children who are gifted may have difficulty “fitting in” or adjusting at school. They may describe their same-age peers as “boring” or “stupid”. Younger children may not be able to articulate how they feel about their peers, but they may still have difficulties fitting in.

Gifted children may be targets for bullying, as they may be identified as different by their peers.

They may also display some aggressive behaviour towards other children and may have difficulty getting on with other children.

Gifted children often show interest in older children and choose children in older classes as friends.


As children who are gifted often have social difficulties, their confidence and self-esteem may also suffer due to this. It is important that parents are aware of this and have strategies in place to increase self-esteem and help their child to find coping strategies, as well as teaching them new skills. There are many groups and activities organised for gifted and talented children.

It is important that children have the opportunity to take part in these and meet other children like them. They will benefit from seeing that they are not the only one who feels like them. They will also have the opportunity to develop friendships with other gifted children their age.


A child who is gifted does not necessarily shine in every school subject. They may have certain areas they excel in and others they work at a level similar to or even below their peers.


Children who are gifted need a carefully-considered revision to their learning curriculum. Just giving the child more work or even work of the year above is not sufficient. Gifted children need the opportunity to explore their learning in subjects and areas they are interested in. True extension work will involve allowing the child to explore an area already touched on in class to a greater extent, asking more questions and researching a topic to a greater depth. Gifted children will enjoy choosing a subject of interest to them and learning more. Allowing gifted children to display their learning is a great way to validate them to their peers.

What can you do if you think your child is may be gifted?

We can complete a comprehensive assessment. This will involve observations and administering standardised assessments with your child, as well as gathering information from parents and school teachers.


A comprehensive, individualised report will be written for your child with recommendations that parents and school teachers can implement to help your child enjoy learning and cope better with any issues they are having. Parents are not alone after the assessment. We are available to follow up and assist with any concerns or needs parents have.

If you would like to know more about Gifted and Talented children and how to help your child with the challenges they may be facing, please don't hesitate to contact us

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